SEE Real Estate

Summit 2018

5th and 6th June 2018

Crystal Palace, Ljubljana





5th and 6th JUNE 2018

We are very excited to invite you to SEE Real Estate Summit 2018.

The event has a 12-year tradition in Slovenia and was created to bring together all stakeholders who are important for the development of the market. We want that RE Summit becomes a regional (SEE) leading real estate event. We are going to represent leading trends in Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia this year. We invited representatives of Croatian company Colliers International and Serbian company Confluence Property Management to co-create our event. We want to connect and combine international opportunities into new skyrocket stories. The conference will bring together investors, developers, and experts working in the field of the commercial real estate in South East Europe.

The analysis of different local markets will be presented at one place. We want to increase a professional level in the region to get closer to the needs of international and local investors, which will enable further growth and development of the real estate sector, including all support services.

Save the date and join us!


Knowledge and experience will be shared by top experts from Southeastern Europe

Discover new products from trendsetting market players in SE Europe

Explore the most rewarding development project for SEE

Establish unique contacts with top SEE companies in the industry

Find reliable partners to skyrocket your business quickly

Make new contacts


Real estate manager, asset manager, building/ safety inspector, bankers, real estate appraiser, broker, commercial real estate broker, director of real estate, real estate agent, real estate consultant, real estate specialist, real estate analyst, real estate attorneys...



ProfeSsional services in real estate industry

Market overview

Best real estate projects in the region

Trends in commercial real estate



Tuesday, 5th June



Welcome session

Zoran Janković, Mayor, City of Ljubljana

Jože Mermal, CEO, BTC d. d.


Keynote presentation: Partnership Šmartinska: 10 years

Dagnija Smilga, associate, Hosoya Schaefer Architects AG Zürich

Miran Gajšek, Head of Department for Urban Planning, City of Ljubljana


Round table "Partnership Šmartinska: 10 years"

Zoran Janković, Mayor,City of Ljubljana

Jože Mermal, CEO, BTC d. d.


Opening reception

Wednesday, 6th June

Registation & Coffee


Welcome session

Luka Prebil, Deputy COO, BTC d. d. and president of the organizational comitee

Saša Mrak, Executive director, Managers' Association of Slovenia

SEE Market Overview


Maja Ostanek, Senior Manager, KF Finance


Filip Vučagić, Partner and Director, Colliers Interational Croatia, Slovenia and BiH


Ivana Maksimović, CEO, Confluence Property Management


Adriatic Region- future of real estate in tourism- Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro & Albania

Vedrana Likan, Managing Partner, Colliers International Croatia, Slovenia and BiH

Future of retail

Luka Prebil, deputy COO, BTC d. d.

Market value of sustainable real estete

Ana Struna Bregar, CEO, Center of Energy Efficient Solutions

Impact of Blockchain on Real Estate industry?

mag. Alenka Urnaut Ropoša, Founder and Director, Renova Real d. o. o.


Networking Lunch

Professional services in real estate industry in SEE region

Insight in professional services in RE industry- first hand experience on Why, Who and How?

BTC: SEE Real Estate Service Platform

Miha Zupanc, COO, BTC d. d.

Cross border case studies

Round table: differences between running projects in different countries in the region

Boštjan Brantuša, head of development Croatia, SES Center Management d.o.o.


Networking break


Keynote presentation


Presentation of SEE Council for real estate


Presentation of new award: Best new development award 2019


Closing remarks

Luka Prebil, deputy COO, BTC d. d. and president of organizational comitee and Ivana Maksimović, CEO, Confluence Property Management


Closing reception & Cocktail party

The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the program.



Zoran Janković

Mayor, City of Ljubljana

In October 2006 he got his first term as mayor of Ljubljana. The same month of 2010 for the second time he was elected to the same place, and in 2014 for the third time.

Before his political career Jankovic was working in the economic sector of Slovenia, first as manager (the Post of Slovenia, Hill Zagreb), and later as Executive Director (Mercator). After the breakup of Yugoslavia founded his own company "Electa", which was headed until 1997 and again since 1997 serving as Executive Director of "Mercator" until 2005.

Jože Mermal

Chairman of the Board BTC d.d.

Jože Mermal holds a university degree in economics and was first employed by the BTC Company in 1978. By 1993, when he became president of the BTC Management Board, he had managed a variety of high-level functions.

He was director of the planning and development service, assistant to the director general and commercial procurator, member of the management board of the public limited liability company and head of the Interspar shopping centre project, which was a key factor in the formation of present-day BTC City. In 1997, he headed the challenging task of listing BTC shares on the London Stock Exchange. Since the BTC Company is involved in numerous projects pertaining to society at large (with regard to culture, science, education, humanitarianism and sports), which are all supported by the lively and flexible spirit of Jože Mermal, both the BTC Company and Jože Mermal personally have received a number of significant awards.

Dagnija Smilga

Associate architect and lead designer, Hosoya Schaefer Architects

Dagnija Smilga is the associate architect and lead designer at Hosoya Schaefer Architects. Her work has been fundamental for strategic and spatial development and re-branding of GO Transit and Union-Pearson Express train lines in Toronto, Canada.

She has been working on the winning proposal for train station in Herisau - East of Switzerland and Airport Engadin. She has worked on several redevelopment projects of industrial sites converting those to mixed use / housing areas.She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna with the diploma "Landscape of Contemporary Infrastructure - Network of Shrinking Towns in Baltic Sea Region" that started an ongoing research project with a focus on complex landscapes in the Baltic region. Furthermore, the research lead to co-curating and designing exhibition "The Baltic Pavilion" - Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian representation in the 15th International Architecture Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia 2016.

Her broader interest of infrastructures, landscapes and regions relates to the projects accomplished in Hosoya Schaefer Architects such as Swiss Expo2027 and the "Salon Suisse 2014. The next 100 Years - scenarios for an Alpine City State" - collateral event of the 14th International Architecture Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia 2015, curated by Hiromi Hosoya and Markus Schaefer.

Miha Zupanc

COO, BTC d. d.

Ivana Maksimović

CEO, Confluence Property Management

Ivana Maksimovic graduated from a Faculty ofArchitecture in 2001 and started professional practice in Real Estate segment,working first as Designer, then as Design and Project Manager, specializingretail formats, and, starting from 2009th, she moved to Property and AssetManagement working for Confluence Property Management.

She moved, over the time being with the company, from Head of Technical Operations position, to Executive Director of Operations, responsible for management, maintenance and operations as well as re-positioning, re-development and refurbishment of company’s portfolio, comprising Shopping Centers and diverse retail formats, in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since September 2016th, Mrs Maksimovic holds a position of CEO in Confluence Property Management, responsible for operations of the company, managing portfolio of retail assets, comprising more than 50 buildings, with total GLA of 420,000 sqm. In 2013th, demonstrating extensive level of knowledge and experience in shopping canter’s industry, with full scope of retailing and retail real estate, she has become one of the first Certified Retail Property Executives (CRX) by ICSC.

Vedrana Likan

Managing Partner at Colliers International

Vedrana Likan holds a position of Managing Partner of Colliers International for Croatia, Slovenia and BiH, part of global Real Estate and Investment consultancy company. She joined Colliers in 2006, prior to what she spent ten years in communication management - advertising and PR, mainly working for international companies and brands.

Vedrana dedicated her professional carrier to supporting sustainable growth of business and well–being of the society. She held positions in international and domestic chambers and associations promoting and supporting entrepreneurship, transparency and competitiveness. She initiated number of humanitarian and voluntary projects, among which is project "21 paths to success" and LeaderSHE conference, both aiming to promotion of women in Croatian business and society. Vedrana is the initiator, co-founder and honorary member of Croatia Green Building Council, she was First Vice-President of American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia 2009-2013, and most recently she was elected President of the British Business Center Croatia – newly formed organisation promoting strengthening of commercial relationships, trade and investment. She was elected "Women of the year 2012" by magazine "Zaposlena", Governmental office for Gender equality and French embassy in Croatia, and she was nominated "Professional Woman of the year 2013" by Europa Property RE awards.

Filip Vučagić

Partner and Director, Colliers International Croatia

Filip joined Colliers in June 2012 as a Senior Consultant in the Investment and Corporate Advisory Services department with a focus on valuations for retail, office, residential, hotel and industrial properties. Soon he gained expertise in commercial real estate and took over business development of investment advisory and CRE consultancy lines for three markets – Croatia, Slovenia and BiH.

Due to the pace of his advancement, responsibilities, deliveries, dedication and comprehensive knowledge of commercial real estate market, in January 2016 Filip was promoted to Partner and Director within Colliers International Croatia. Besides holding a management board position, and being responsible for strategic positioning and continuous growth of the business, Filip’s role within a team is to educate and mentor people to ensure high quality, timely and profound advisory services. His business development knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit make him a motivating leader and client's trusted advisor in real estate industry. Since joining Colliers, Filip provided advisory services on over 500 real estate projects, with the total value in excess of EUR 10 billion, which makes him one of the top professionals in the industry within the whole region. Prior to joining Colliers, Filip was working in financial industry - banking and insurance, mainly responsible for financial asset valuation, financial reporting and market research. Filip graduated on the Faculty of Political Science. He gained University Specialist degree in Financial Institutions at the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb and he earned MBA degree on Construction and Real Estate Studies at The College of Estate Management in Reading, UK. He gained his MRICS professional accreditation in Property Finance and Investment program.

Boštjan Brantuša

Head of development, SES Center Management d.o.o.

Ana Struna Bregar

CEO, Center of Energy Efficent Solutions

Ana Struna Bregar is the Executive Director of the Center for Energy Efficient Solutions, a network of enterprises and organizations that promote sustainable development and the transition to a low-carbon economy.

She is the founder and former director of the platform Odprta hiša Slovenije, the largest Slovenian architectural real estate festival, which is part of the international network. For the platform Odprta hiša Slovenije and the platform for educating children and pedagogues about the built space - Igriva arhitektura, she received the Plečnik's medal.

mag. Alenka Urnaut Ropoša

Founder and Director of Renova Real d. o. o.

maag. Alenka Urnaut Ropoša is the founder and director of Renova Real d.o.o., certified real estate valuator with official state authority, Court approved expert in real estate, certified engineer and an MBA graduate.

Since 2004, she has been a certified real estate valuator with official state authority, a court approved expert in real estate and a certified engineer. She started her career in 1998 as project manager. In 2003, she joined well-established real estate engineering company, the leading developer in Slovenia as Head of Investment Department. She was involved in the development of one of the largest retail real estate portfolios in the region. She acquired significant experience working with financial institutions, international leaders in the field of real estate, government authorities, as well as numerous local and regional companies connected to the business of real estate development and management. In 2015 she joined as a Member of the Board in a private company, Euro Immobilien Group primarily focused on managing the development process for any retail, residential or commercial project with the vast experience with complex projects. Blockchain technology has been her passion over the past few years through studying and participation in several conferences, leading to her involvement as a co-founder of real estate blockchain project. With a demonstrated successful history of working in the RE industry with skills in marketing management, business planning, E-commerce, entrepreneurship, and business development, she is contributing to the blockchain project her technical expertise in the field of real estate as well as her managerial and organizational skills.

Luka Prebil

Deputy COO at BTC d.d.

Luka Prebil is Deputy COO at BTC, d.d. He is an expert in real estate management. His passion is consulting and introducing the processes of integrated real estate management and the development of new services in the field of real estate management.

Luka Prebil is Deputy COO at BTC, d.d. He is an expert in real estate management. His passion is consulting and introducing the processes of integrated real estate management and the development of new services in the field of real estate management.

Saša Mrak

Executive Director at Managers'​ Association of Slovenia

Maja Ostanek

Senior Manager at KF Finance d.o.o.

Maja Ostanek joined KF Finance in September 2015. She has been working for 8 years in the field of mediation in the sale and lease of the commercial real estate. Within the real estate brokerage, she represented all major business buildings in Ljubljana and actively participated in the preparation of a marketing approach.

She was responsible for negotiating with potential tenants and for the formulation of rental conditions for business buildings and shopping centers. In the past two years, she has distributed over 11,000 m2 of business premises in Ljubljana and concluded one of the largest lease transactions in the past 5 years. For foreign brands (Apple, Nike, Body Shop, Nespresso, Primark), she prepared an analysis of entry into the Slovenian market. She also prepared an analysis and strategy for managing office buildings in Ljubljana (CA Immobilien Anlagen AG, BKS Bank ...). She was responsible for preparing a study of the feasibility of building a shopping center in the surroundings of Ljubljana and a residential complex in Ljubljana. In addition to these projects, Maja advises foreign investors in the field of the commercial real estate in Slovenia.

Miran Gajšek

Head of Department for Urban Planning, City of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Miran Gajšek has beenthe Head of Department for Urban Planning, the City of Ljubljana since 2006.During his career, he participated in numerous associations and developmentprojects. rof Architecture and the Spatial Planning of Slovenia.

He was Chairman of theUrban Planning Association of Ljubljana, Chairman of the Town and SpatialPlanning Association of Slovenia (DUPPS). He is also a delegate of DUPPS in theEuropean Council of Town Planners. From 2003 to 2011 he was the Vice-Presidentof the ECTP and a member of the Executive Board of the European Council of TownPlanners. Since 2003, he has been a member (and founding member) of the Chamberof Architecture and the Spatial Planning of Slovenia.

Mitja Križaj

CEO, Fundament d.o.o.

Mitja Križaj is the owner of Fundament consulting and investments. Previously, he worked as director of Hypo Leasing, Heta Asset Resolution Slovenia and as the Chairman of the Management Board of Triglav Real Estate.

He has experience in managing the investment and asset management, managing the real estate portfolio, and managing capital investments, financial and business restructuring of companies, as well as in the financing of major infrastructure projects and public-private partnerships.


450 €

May 1 - June 5

2-day participation at the Summit,

download of E-congress materials,

refreshments during coffee breaks,

lunch on the 2nd day

and an evening party on the 1st day.

Upon your registration, we will send you an invoice with a required payment date.

For groups of 3 or more employees from one company, we offer 10% discount.

You can also make a payment before receiving an account at IBAN SI56 0292 1008 9918 850 (Nova Ljubljanska banka, dd, Ljubljana), a reference to no. 4257-your registration number.


BTC – Crystal Palace

Ameriška ulica 8

SI -1000 Ljubljana


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